Ranger Diary

August 2015

Ranger Report
August 2015

Compiled by Bertus Potgieter


August was yet again another dry month throughout most of the country and Pongola was no exception. The dry season does however reveal superb game sightings. Majority of the game tends to spend most of their days in very close proximity to the river giving Mvubu River Lodge and Nkwazi Lake lodge excellent sightings from the decks and chalets. The bush is not nearly as thick and dense as it was during the same period last year. Due to this fact the guided walks and rhino tracking activities on the reserve have yielded great results in terms of big game close-up encounters.


Our Rhino Tracking activities have been especially busy this month, providing our guests with once in a lifetime real African experiences never to be forgotten.


The elephant movement throughout the reserve is still being monitored very closely and these behemoths have been very active, as is always the case, but this is more evident in the drier months of the year. With constant sightings in and around the lodges on the reserve, guests have not had to go very far to get great viewing opportunities of these majestic animals.  


The Nyala capturing team has also had a busy month on the Pongola Game Reserve.  This team of animal specialists has been darting and relocating these beautiful antelope to other reserves and breeders in the north of the country. The Nyala’s in this reserve are of a healthy genetic origin and are all in good condition. By relocating some of these antelope and leaving the mature bulls and highly fertile ewes on the property, we are ensuring that our population does not start to bottle-neck and that they remain genetically superior.



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