Ranger Diary

December 2015


Ranger Report

December 2015

Compiled by Bertus Potgieter


As the year has drawn to an end, it would only be appropriate that we look back and reflect on what has been happening over the past year.


The Pongola Game Reserve has had an amazing year.  There have, however, been a few minor set-backs, the continuing drought and receding water levels of the river and dam being a case in point. These are however factors that we as humans have no control over and we must simply learn to adapt and work with Mother Nature and not against her.


This year has also had quite a few really special moments; a great example of this is elephants “checking in” to camp at Mvubu. In November and December we literally had 50-60 elephants spending day and night in and around the vicinity of Mvubu Lodge. This is amazing in terms of sightings and a real bonus for guests who are visiting Mvubu, the flip-side of this however is that it tends to ensure that the staff of the lodge are always either late for guest pick ups and drop offs or late to get to work and get started (you cant really tell a huge elephant bull to please get out of your way because you need to pick guests up from the spa.) 


More amazing moments which 2015 blessed us with, were stunning close encounters with rhino on the various rhino tracking activities which took place. Amazing plains game sightings (due to the drier and therefore more open bush) and some rather hair rising encounters with snakes on the reserve.


Anyway you look at it the year was an extremely eventful one. We can only hope that the New Year will be just as eventful and exciting, and also hope that in between the entire goings on that we receive rain.


Bring on 2016




Pongola Game Reserve and her Team.