Ranger Diary

March 2015

Compiled by Bertus Potgieter

Heart felt bush greetings to all the bush and nature lovers out there.

March 2015 on the Pongola Game Reserve could easily be called the month of the elephants. These hefty giants made their presence felt almost daily and allowed us prime opportunities to view them and attempt to learn more about these magnificent beasts which call the reserve home. The different herds joined together on numerous occasions to rolex replica masterpiece form one majestic mega herd. This in turn gave us awesome glimpses of how they interact within their own herds and also how the different herds interact with one another.

On a less serious and more exciting note, there have been a number of reported sightings over the last few weeks of many of our smaller, nocturnal animal friends. These include animals like the Aardvark, Genet, Porcupine and even an African wild cat or two. These shy and elusive creatures are always a treat to spot, and if one has some time to observe them you will see that they are just as interesting and intriguing as the bigger more publicised residents of the reserve.

On a climatic and weather related note, the reserve is still very dry and the river is starting to slowly reveal some of her secrets which usually lie hidden beneath a few metres of water. The hopes that the rain is still on its way (albeit late in the season) have still not disappeared from our minds and we continue to pray and hold thumbs that Mother Nature will smile upon us and provide her earth with the wholesome and rejuvenating rain water which this part of the cheap breitling replica country is in such dire need of.

This is however not all doom and gloom, as this will mean that the bush will not be as thick as in summer time, and as a result the game will be a lot easier to spot, going out for walks in the bush will be a whole lot easier and not as treacherous (not to even mention a lot cooler as well).

So with animal sightings almost guaranteed and with temperatures slowly dropping, why not pop in at Pongola Game Reserve and see for yourselves what it is that makes this gem in the crown of Kwazulu Natal so special and unique.

Until next time!
Green greetings from the Pongola Game Reserve.